Hydraulic Probe Drive

For Research Only – Not For Human Use

The hydraulic probe drive can be used to precisely position probes in acute or chronic recording preparations. The hydraulic probe drive may be paired with a manual drive control or a motor drive control for single-channel micropositioning.

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Research Application:


User Profession:

Technical Details:
  • Travel: 15mm minimum
  • Tubing Length: 8 feet standard. Up to 20 feet may be specified.

Require for Use:

1-Channel Motorized drive System (50-16-1)
Drum Drive (50-12-9-02)

Ordering Information:

Product number: 50-12-1C

Product Sizes:

Slave Cylinder:

  • Height:  50mm
  • Length:  20mm
  • Width:  20mm
  • Weight:  30g

Master Cylinder:

  • Height:  65mm
  • Length:  15mm
  • Width:  15mm
  • Weight:  22g
  • Tubing:  2.4m (8ft)

Mounting Instructions for Hydraulic Probe Drive


Chronic Adapter for the Hydraulic Probe Drive


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Zhang, S., Song, Y., Wang, M., Zhang, Z., Fan, X., Song, X., et al. (2016). A silicon based implantable microelectrode array for electrophysiological and dopamine recording from cortex to striatum in the non-human primate brain. Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 85, 53–61.

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Xu, S., Zhang, Y., Zhang, S., Xiao, G., Wang, M., Song, Y., et al. (2018). An integrated system for synchronous detection of neuron spikes and dopamine activities in the striatum of Parkinson monkey brain. Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 304, 83–91.

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