1-Channel Coupling Unit (MCU-1)

For Research Only – Not For Human Use

The One Channel Motor Coupling Unit, connects to the Motorized Control Module (MCM) via a 10′ (3 meter) cable to allow remote placement of the unit close to the experimental setup.  The hydraulic master cylinder is secured in place with a thumb-knob.  The MCU contains a high precision stepper motor for advancing and retracting the hydraulic drive, internal forward and reverse limit switches prevent over extension of the hydraulic drive.  A window on the top provides visibility of an LED indicator for an at-a-glance indication of the current amount of drive advancement.

Catalog Number:


Research Application:

Technical Details:
  • Range of travel: 15mm
  • Step resolution: 0.25µm/step
  • Cable Length: 3m, .35cm diameter
Ordering Information:

Product number: 50-16-1-02

Product Sizes:
  • Height: 2.5cm (1″)
  • Width: 8cm (3″)
  • Length: 15cm (6″)
  • Weight: 0.57 Kg (1.26 lbs)
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