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FHC provides comprehensive technical support for all of our clinical and research products. If you have any questions or experience any difficulties with your product please call:
+1-207-666-8190 (or 1-800-326-2905, toll free in US and Canada).

To help us serve you more efficiently, please have the following information on-hand:

  • Product Name or Catalog Number
  • Serial or Lot Number
  • Principal Investigator/ Neurosurgeon name and Institution
  • Estimated date of purchase
  • Detailed information regarding the issue

If you require immediate clinical assistance, please call:

 +1-207-666-8190 (or 1-800-326-2905, toll free in US and Canada)


FHC’s neuroCase provides on-site per case, pay-per-use case support for deep brain stimulation and epilepsy surgeries.

Schedule your next surgery with the confidence of knowing that costs, supply, and procedural support issues are under control. We supply state-of-the-art neuromodulation systems, precise positioning devices, premium microelectrodes and other supplies, as well as our experienced technical support specialists—on a per case, pay-per-use charge specifically tailored to your requirements.

neuroCase packages feature your choice of:

  • Guideline 5 neuromodulation system for 1-5 channels of MER recording and stimulation (6-10 channels option available)
  • Platform, patient-customized frameless stereotaxy for single, bilateral, or epilepsy-specific frameless procedures (ideal for new sites or existing sites looking to maximize OR efficiency)
  • Sterile microelectrodes with optimal signal to noise ratio, insertion tubes for single or array microelectrodes, and lead placement
  • WayPoint™ Navigator for convenient laptop planning
  • STar™ Drive with Power Assist Accessories (for precise advancement and depth display)
  • Product support specialists to handle equipment installation, set-up and operation; On-hand extra consumables as needed for case back-up


Contact the FHC sales department at 207-666-5651

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