Drum Drive

For Research Only – Not For Human Use

A compact manual drive system for our Hydraulic Probe Drive with:

  • Digital display, with 1 micron resolution
  • Large drum for coarse control of probe depth
  • Small drum for fine control of probe depth
  • Knurled surfaces for extra grip 
  • Stable, heavy-duty construction

The FHC Manual Drum Drive has been designed to provide a smooth linear motion to drive our 50-12-1C Hydraulic Probe Drive. The 50-12-9-02 Drum Drive includes a Starrett micrometer with an electronic digital display driven by a large drum wheel, the rotation of which causes rapid probe movement and a smaller drum wheel which can be engaged for fine drive control.

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Research Application:


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Technical Details:
  • Resolution: 1 micron
  • Weight: 3.25 lbs. (1.75kg)
Ordering Information:

Product number: 50-12-9-02

Product Sizes:


  • Height: 14 cm (5.5″)
  • Width: 10 cm (4″)
  • Depth: 20 cm (8″)

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