Laser Ablation

Medtronic Visualase

Patient-specific stereotactic system that allows a surgeon to quickly and accurately place a Visualase® skull bolt used to position the Visualase laser catheter. FHC’s microTargeting solution for Visualase® Laser Ablation provides guidance for a 3.2mm drill and the Visualase® Alignment Rod to accurately place one or more Visualase® Skull Bolts using WayPoint™ bone anchors serving as fiducials and a patient-specific microTargeting Multi-Oblique Platform created using WayPoint Navigator software.

Visualase Tech Sheet


The NeuroBlate® System is a minimally invasive robotically controlled laser thermotherapy that uses MRI-guided laser light to ablate unwanted tissue in the brain where the lesion, or abnormal tissue, originates. FHC’s Monteris® Platform allows users to accurately place the NeuroBlate® Optic Laser Probe in the brain for selective ablation of soft tissue and lesions in the brain. Two Robotic Probe Driver (RPD) Adapters are provided to mount the RPD directly to the Monteris® Platform, enabling accurate guidance of the laser probe in the event of skull bolt failure.

Monteris Tech Sheet