STarFix Designer

Pre-Operative Planning for STarFix

STarFix Designer is a versatile stereotactic planning and guidance system that advances and personalizes care for patients with neurodegenerative disorders. The system is used to accurately position tools used for deep brain stimulation (DBS), stereoelectroencephalography (SEEG), and laser interstitial thermal therapy (LITT) by means of the STarFix stereotactic platforms.

Clinical Application:


User Profession:

Build SEEG STarFix Platforms with ease

Multi-oblique microTargeting™ platforms for SEEG seamless integration facilitates user design of the platform with minimal input from an FHC technician.

STarFix Designer Features

  • Image import and registration
  • User-selected reference scan
  • Automatic fiducial extraction
  • Patient specific 2D and 3D visualization of automical landmarks
  • Trajectory planning
  • DBS microTargeting™ platform generation
  • Multi-oblique microTargeting™ platform frame modeling
  • Export and import planning data including images
  • Save the plan any time during the planning session

STarFix Designer Benefits

  • Modern design, built from the ground up to ease user interaction and allow fast and efficient planning of DBS and Epilepsy surgeries
  • A platform built for collaboration, with extensibility in mind
Ordering Information:

STarFix Designer License

Each STarFix Designer software license includes set-up and training, plus 12 months of software maintenance and customer support. Licenses will also be reactivated annually at no charge.

  • C0265 – Standard License (For one surgical installation)
  • C0240 – Laptop (Optional)
    (Terms & Conditions Apply)

STarFix Designer Service

C0285 – Standard License. Service Includes:

  • Dedicated Remote Support
  • Software Updates (maintenance releases and bug fixes)
  • Software Upgrades (new software feature releases)
  • Hardware Upgrade (Laptops are under warranty for 3 years. After warranty is expired, users will have a laptop upgrade offered at a discount and software will be reinstalled at no charge).
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