Patient-specific stereotactic system that allows a surgical team to quickly place NeuroPace RNS System leads guided by insertion cannula.

FHC’s microTargeting solution for NeuroPace RNS lead placement provides guidance for a 3.2mm drill and 1.8mm cannula to accurately place NeuroPace RNS System leads using WayPoint™ bone anchors serving as fiducials and a patient-customized microTargeting Multi-Oblique Platform created with WayPoint Navigator software. Over twenty independent trajectories may be configured with a single platform. Once the platform is attached, all of the trajectories are available for implantation. This allows for rapid progression between trajectories as well as the possibility of simultaneous use by multiple surgeons.

NeuroPace Tech Sheet


This system will allow ideal work flow and use of surgeon’s time by providing flexibility in the anchor
implantation and planning step. During the surgery, single-use disposable pieces will fit into the platform, giving surgeons all of the targeting options they need without burdening the hospital with large capital equipment expenditures. The platform’s proven accuracy, combined with the intra-operative MRI imaging, will provide a high level of confidence for surgeons placing DBS leads. WayPoint™ Navigator gives surgeons the ability to merge
intra-operative images with their plans and to create new trajectories while analyzing each patient’s anatomy. Using an iMRIS suite, surgeons will be able to directly target to implant their leads.

Testing on the components of this system has shown the WayPoint anchors, made from titanium, to be MRI safe. The remaining components to be used during DBS lead implantation are all non-metallic and MRI compatible.



WayPoint Inserter Tech Sheet