microTargeting™ Electrodes

All our electrodes can be fabricated with tungsten, stainless steel or platinum/iridium recording tips. Most microelectrodes are available in the sterile configuration, in convenient individual boxes.

All types of microTargeting™ electrodes can be ordered as D.ZAP. D.ZAP microelectrodes have activated recording surfaces for improved cell isolation at lower impedances. Additional benefits include their exceptionally stable and durable insulation and distinctly visible recording areas. The D.ZAP finishing option reduces microphonics and is suitable for any microelectrode.

All of our clinical electrodes, including D.ZAP, are available in 4 types: mTD - Differential Electrodes, mTB - Backloaded Electrodes, mTF - Frontloaded Electrodes, and mTS - Shielded Electrodes


microTargeting™ Insertion Tubes

All our insertion tubes are provided with a mating stylet to prevent tissue coring during insertion.

Single Electrode Insertion Tubes Sets 

Our Single Electrode Insertion Tube Sets includes an insertion tube/stylet and a spacer tube. The spacer tube assures alignment of the thinner recording microelectrode (ordered separately) and is removed prior to positioning the stimulating or lesion electrode without removal of the outer guide tube from its final position.

STar™ Array Electrode Insertion Tube Set

Our STar™ Array Electrode Insertion Tube Set features a simplified 2-tube set that eliminates the need for a lower guide and array spacer tubes. Both tubes are held in the STar™ Array Locking Carrier with a single thumb screw. The microelectrode (ordered separately) is inserted into the insertion tube for recording. The electrode and tubes move together in this configuration. When a track is selected, the microelectrode is removed and the tubes are lifted out with the new STar™ Array Insertion Tube Extractor. The Lead Insertion Tube/Stylet is then positioned in the same track.


Important benefits of sterile microelectrodes and tubes includes:



  • READY TO USE ‐ Eliminates the need for sterilization at the hospital. Reduces hospital operational costs while increasing convenience.                                                                       
  • RELIABLE ‐ Reduces handling of product before use in surgery, and likelihood of damage to microelectrodes and tubes.                                                                                              
  • SINGLE USE ‐ Eliminates the risk of patient‐to‐patient contamination.                                                                                                                                                                           
  • STERILE PACKAGING ‐ Individual trays safeguard product, and are shipped in 5 pack dispenser box.



Which electrodes and insertion tubes do I need?  

Please select the correct link that coincides with your stereotactic and positioning options.


microTargeting™ Platform

STar™ Drive

microTargeting™ Drive


Traditional Frames (Leksell, CRW)

STar™ Drive

microTargeting™ Drive

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