Parallel Bipolar

Our Parallel Bipolar Microelectrodes were designed for stimulating nerve fibers. We have a wide range of configurations to fit any application. In addition to nerve studies, these microelectrodes have recently been used to improve the efficiency of electroporation in chick embryos.

For Research Only – Not For Human Use

This parallel bipolar microelectrode is designed for in vitro research and can be used to stimulate cell groups.

Detailed specifications and technical information can be found under the Technical Documents tab.

Sold in packages of 3.

Technical Details:
  • Metal: Platinum-Iridium
  • Diameter: 125 µm
  • Spacing: 0.50 mm (30211), 1mm (30210)
  • Length: 50 mm
Ordering Information:
  • Product number: 30210
  • Product number: 30211

Parallel Bipolar Specifications


Cleaning and Sterilization of Research Microelectrodes


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