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Cluster Microelectrodes

Cluster Microelectrodes are widely used for recording or stimulation in chronic applications. We offer recording/stimulation sites in stereo arrangements up to bundles of 6 and beyond. We can custom offset the sites for depth studies, or provide a center reference microelectrode surrounded by a bundle of recording sites for differential recording.

For Research Only – Not For Human Use

These cluster microelectrodes are designed for acute research and can be used to stimulate a single cell.

Detailed specifications and technical information can be found under the Technical Documents tab.

Sold in packages of 3.

SKU Metal R/SF Inner Pole Diameter Length
30207 Platinum-Iridium Single-Cell 25 μm 50mm
30208  Platinum-Iridium Single-Cell 12.5 μm 50mm
30209 Platinum-Iridium Multi-Cell 50 μm 50mm
30212 Platinum-Iridium Single-Cell 25 μm 55mm


Refrence the table below  if you are looking for a common custom Cluster microelectrode number

Custom Microelectrode Code Closest/Matching Standard Number Differences
CE2C55 30207 Same base product, standard microelectrode is 5mm shorter
CE2C65 30207 Same base product, standard microelectrode is 15mm shorter
CE2B50 30208 Same product, 30208 now replaces CE2B50

Cleaning and Sterilization of Research Microelectrodes


Cluster Bipolar Microelectrode Spec Sheet


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