Microelectrode Neurography

FHC microneurography electrodes (referred to as needles by many) were developed to record multi-unit peripheral nerve activity. The tip taper is dramatically shorter and broader than our standard microelectrodes and convex to facilitate a minimally painful penetration through the skin.

These tungsten electrodes can be provided with a variety of shank diameters and impedances to satisfy various recording requirements. A number of termination options are available to aid in the placement and support of the electrode in the nerve.

They are also typically provided with a 15mm square manipulating tab to aid in accurate placement. Alternatively, an insulated floating termination can be provided to allow the electrode to move with the target tissue. Our microneurography electrodes are available in an uninsulated configuration as well for use as a reference electrode.

For Research Only – Not For Human Use

These research microelectrode neurography needles are designed for peripheral nerve recording and stimulation.

Detailed specifications and technical information can be found in the Technical Documents tab.

Sold in packages of 12.

SKU Metal   R/SF Tab Color Length
30080 Tungsten Active Single-Cell White 35mm
30081 Tungsten Active Single-Cell White 20mm
30082 Tungsten Reference Multi-Cell Blue 20mm
30083 Tungsten Active Single-Cell White 35mm
30084 Tungsten Reference Reference  Blue 35mm
30085 Tungsten Active Single & Reference White & Blue 35mm

Cleaning and Sterilization of Research Microelectrodes


Microelectrode Neurography Needles (no pin) spec sheet


Microelectrode Neurography Needles (with pin) Spec Sheet


Serra, J., Bostock, H., & Navarro, X. (2010). Microneurography in rats: A minimally invasive method to record single C-fiber action potentials from peripheral nerves in vivo. Neuroscience Letters, 470(3), 168–174.

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