Guideline 5

The Guideline 5 is FHC’s next generation neuromodulation targeting system designed for both clinical and research applications. The system efficiently supports functional neurosurgery programs that address movement disorders, epilepsy, pain, and psychiatric disorders. New features allow you to maximize your micro and macro electrode channel count with expanded connection options and improved analytical tools.

The modular system may be purchased in a variety of configurations for your specific neurosurgical procedure needs. Options range from an entry-level base system for new DBS programs to integrated powerful systems for advanced centers of excellence that require additional features such as supplemental auxiliary channels for LFP, ECoG, and SEEG; general purpose digital inputs and outputs; and advanced visualization options.

System Configurations:

Includes 8 Channel UE 16 Channel UE 16 Channel UE & LF
Core Module Yes Yes Yes
Notebook PC Yes Yes Yes
Ethernet Cable Yes Yes Yes
UE Interface Yes Yes Yes
Interface Pole Mount Yes Yes Yes
Interface Cable Yes Yes Yes
Guideline 5 App Yes Yes Yes
Remote Control Yes Yes Yes
High Performance Speaker Yes Yes Yes
Onsite Training/Install Yes Yes Yes
1 Year Service Agreement Yes Yes Yes
Line Cord Yes Yes Yes
2nd Interface Card No Yes Yes
2nd Interface Pole Mount No Yes Yes
2nd Interface Cable No Yes Yes
2nd UE Interface No Yes No
LF Interface No No Yes

Resident Expert™

Resident Expert™ (REX) offers new additional tools in FHC’s Guideline™ 5 for locating DBS targets by combining state of the art spike detection methodology with sensory motor testing to aid decision making during functional neurosurgery. REX software offers unsupervised detection, sorting and visualization of neuronal action potentials; neuronal spike rasters with filtering of non-physiological artifacts; indication of signal quality based on statistical properties of the signal, and more. Use the REX Kinetic Motion Detector for synchronizing limb flexing during intraoperative neurological evaluation.

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Ordering Information:
  • Core Module (C0215)
  • UE Interface (C0219)
  • LF Interface (C0220)
  • Remote Control (C0222)
  • Synchronization Unit (C0224)
  • Resident Expert Software Module add on for the Guideline 5 (C0258)
  • Resident Expert Kinetic Motion Detector (C0259)
Product Sizes:
  • Core Module – Physical: 41 x 28 x 6 cm, 1.5 kg
  • UE Interface – Physical (without cable): 25cm x 15cm x 10cm, 1kg
  • LF Interface – Physical (without cable): 25cm x 15cm x 10cm, 1kg
  • Remote Control – Physical: 6cm x 5cm x 20cm, 0.5kg
  • Synchronization Unit – Physical (without cable): 25cm x 11cm x 5cm, 1kg
There are no instruction manuals for this product.