Guideline 5 Electrode Cables

The Guideline 5 Electrode Cable connects the electrode to the recording system, including one cable per channel and used with the Guideline 5. This Electrode Cable is single-use and comes presterilized.

Single Use, EtO Pre-Sterile

Minimum Bend Radius: 2cm

Configuration: Dual, shielded coaxial

Technical Details:

Interface Connector: proprietary, 6-pin

Electrode Connectors:

  • Color coded: red macro, black micro
  • Gold plated
  • 0.9mm ID X 3.5mm dp
  • Insertion/Extraction force <500g

Reference Connector: green, mini-alligator clip

Color coded flags: white, blue, green, red, yellow

Ordering Information:
  • Product number: C0230 (3m length)


  • Product number: C0231 (1.5m length)
Product Sizes:
  • 2.5mm OD
  • C0230: 3m in length
  • C0231: 1.5m in length
There are no instruction manuals for this product.