5-Channel Coupling Unit (MCU-5)

For Research Only – Not For Human Use

The 5-Channel Coupling Unit MCU-5 combines with the 50-16-4-01 4-Channel Motorized Controller Module and the 50-16-1-01 MCM Motorized Control Module to enable precise, motorized control over electrode depth in multichannel configurations.

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4-Channel Coupling Unit (50-16-4-03)

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Technical Details:

The MCU-5 consists of a remote motor unit containing 5 encoder-read stepper motors that drive five hydraulic master cylinders. The master cylinders are connected to the 5 cylinders of the electrode positioning stage by 2.4 m (8ft) of hydraulic tubing. The MCU-5 is separated from the control module by 3.1m (10ft) of cabling.

  • Range of Travel: 15mm
  • Weight: .57 Kg (1.26 lbs)
  • Cable Length/Diameter: 3m length (9.8ft) X .35cm O.D. (0.14in)
  • Resolution: 1 micron
Ordering Information:

Product number: 50-16-4-02

Product Sizes:


  • Height: 2.5cm (1″ )
  • Width: 8cm (3″)
  • Length: 15cm (6″)å
  • Weight: .57 Kg (1.26 lbs)
  • Cable Length/Diameter: 3m length (9.8′) X .35cm O.D. (0.14″)

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