New Webiste
FHC Website Debut

FHC is proud to introduce our new mobile friendly e-commerce website featuring selected in-stock research microelectrodes


FHC demonstrates the microTargeting Power Assist System 2.0 for colleagues during the recent AASFN Biennial Meeting in Chicago.

Multioblique Platform
Our microTargeting™ Multi-Oblique Epilepsy Platform Is Now Available

The microTargeting™ Multi-Oblique Epilepsy Platform supports the placement of multiple electrodes that are accurately guided along preset trajectories at various depths.


Introducing the Epileptome

Protocol for probing plastic nature of epileptic networks recently designed

FHC Drive
Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery Present and Future Meet

FHC on hand to aid noted surgeons in mentoring junior colleagues

FHC Brain Surgery Live
"Brain Surgery Live" Patient Revealed

Ohio man with Parkinson's Disease to undergo deep brain stimulation procedure on live TV

FHC Brain Surgery Live
Brain Surgery Right in Your Living Room

Mental Floss, National Geographic Channel partner to air live DBS implantation procedure featuring FHC products