Revolutionizing Pre-Operative Planning for STarFix Procedures

Introducing STarFix™ Designer: Revolutionizing Pre-Operative Planning for STarFix Procedures

Bowdoin, ME – FHC, Inc. proudly announces the launch of STarFix Designer, a software tool designed to transform pre-operative planning for STarFix procedures.

STarFix Designer is offering neurosurgeons an intuitive and powerful platform to streamline pre-operative planning processes. Developed by FHC, Inc.’s team of experts and drawing upon a rich history of closely working with neurosurgeons, STarFix Designer leverages the STarFix technology to improve surgical outcomes and patient care.

STarFix Designer is a versatile stereotactic planning and guidance system that advances personalized care for patients with neurodegenerative disorders. The system is used to accurately position tools used for deep brain stimulation (DBS), stereoelectroencephalography (SEEG), and laser interstitial thermal therapy (LITT) by means of the STarFix stereotactic platforms.

Key features of STarFix Designer include:

  • Image Import and Registration: With the STarFix Designer you can open and manipulate CT and MRI images and perform rigid registration using a reference scan of either modality.
  • Automatic Fiducial Extraction: Automatically extract the anchors from pre-operative CT scans, adjust or place them manually as virtual anchors on an MRI to test your platform ahead of anchor implantation.
  • Patient-Specific 2D and 3D Visualization: Place, edit and visualize anatomical landmarks in 2-D and 3-D.
  • Trajectory Planning: Define, edit and visualize trajectories with high precision for DBS and for the complex SEEG implantations.
  • microtargeting™ Platform Compatibility: The STarFix Designer supports all clinical platform models:
    • microtargeting™ STarFix Unilateral Platform microtargeting STarFix Bilateral Platform for DBS procedures
    • microtargeting STarFix Multi-Oblique Platform for SEEG procedures
    • microtargeting STarFix Monteris Ablation Platform for ablation procedures.
  • Data Management: Plan at your leisure and easily save, import, and export planning data across systems, including images.

Benefits of STarFix Designer:

  • Modern Design: STarFix Designer boasts a modern interface, built from the ground up to ease user interaction and ensure fast and efficient planning of DBS and epilepsy surgeries.
  • Time Efficient: Built-in support for creating highly complex multi-oblique platforms decreases planning time.

“We are thrilled to introduce STarFix Designer, the next generation software to support the growth of our STarFix Platform technology. Whether you are just getting started with STarFix or are an experienced user of the WayPoint Planner, the STarFix Designer is for you! Our excellent team is ready to guide you through your STarFix Designer experience”, said Cosmin Serban, CEO at FHC, Inc.

STarFix Designer™ is now available for integration into neurosurgical practices in the United States of America and soon to be released internationally. To learn more about STarFix Designer™ and its transformative impact on pre-operative planning for STarFix procedures, visit or call 1-207-666-8190.