WayPoint™ Thumbknob with Standoff

WayPoint™ Thumbknobs with Standoffs are used to attach the microTargeting™ Platforms to the WayPoint™ Anchors implanted in the skull. Available in stainless steel (MP-KIT-MD) or polyether ether ketone (PEEK) Plastic (MP-KIT-MC) for MR compatibility. PEEK Thumbknobs with Standoffs are provided in all WayPoint™ Disposable Surgical Kits. Additional thumbknobs may be ordered separately.

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 Product number: (MP-KIT-MC) PEEK Plastic
Product number: (MP-KIT-MD) Stainless Steel

Additional product numbers:

MP-KIT-MA (20mm Stainless Steel mounting thumbknobs)

MP-KIT-MB (13mm Stainless Steel thumbknobs with standoffs)

Product Sizes:
  • 20mm
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