STarFix Platform Adapter Kit

The microTargeting™ Platform Adapter Kit featuring STarFix™ Technology includes all of the equipment and tools needed to attach a platform to the anchors.

An entry marker tool is provided to mark the burr hole location. The kit also provides flexible mounting options for the microTargeting™ STar™ Drive through the use of center and 3mm offset positioners combined with standard 6mm target offset and 3mm entry offset hubs. An Array Electrode Carrier is included for use with Array Insertion Tubes; other options are available separately. The kit comes with Lead Depth Stop and measurement tools to ensure proper placement.

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  • This kit comes in a convenient tray that may be cleaned in an automated washing machine. All equipment and tools should be steam-sterilized before use.
  • Please see the accompanying DFU for proper sterilization protocols.
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Product number: 70-FA-SF-01

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