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STarFix NeuroBlate Platform

The STarFix NeuroBlate Platform is designed to act as the interface between the STarFix Platform and the Monteris NeuroBlate® system for MRI-guided neurosurgical ablations and lesions.

The adapter is attached to a standard microTargeting™ Platform via a mounting hub and secured with provided thumbknobs. Once it is correctly oriented in the hub, the Monteris NeuroBlate® Advanced Probe Driver and laser positioner may be attached. The microTargeting Platform NeuroBlate® Adapter may also place the Monteris Mini-Bolt used by the NeuroBlate® Robotic Probe Driver.

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Technical Details:
  • Use of Monteris® Mini-Bolt requires a special Monteris® 6mm wrench and guide.
  • The WayPoint Surgical Kit (66-WP-SKS) is required for use.
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Product number: MP-KIT-P-NB

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