MR Safe Insertion Tube with Stylet

MR Safe Lead Insertion tube with stylet, designed for use with the Waypoint ™ Inserter System (66-WP-ID-01 or 66-WP-ID-02) for Direct Targeting

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Provided non-sterile, to be user sterilized using steam, Single use

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Technical Details:


  • Insertion tube: Polyimide, PEEK
  • Stylet: Epoxy coated ceramic, Polyimide
Product Sizes:
  • Insertion Tube: OD 1.8mm, ID 1.6mm, Length 202.5mm
  • Stylet: OD with PI 0.062”, Length 215.5mm
  • Tube ends 13mm above Target, Stylet extends to Target
There are no instruction manuals for this product.
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