WayPoint Inserter Kit

The WayPoint Inserter Kit, used in conjunction with the MR Lead Insertion Tube and Stylet (66-IT-MR1), provides a solution for placement of DBS leads using direct targeting in the MRI environment. Direct targeting allows precise monitoring and verification of lead placement during the procedure, without the need for target confirmation by use of microelectrode recording.

Catalog Number:

66-WP-ID-01, 66-WP-ID-02

Clinical Application:

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User Profession:

Technical Details:
  • Insert tube length: 215.5mm
  • Insertion tube above target: 13mm
  • Lead Depth Stop Distance: 319mm
Ordering Information:
  • Product number: 130mm (66-WP-ID-01)
  • Product number: 120mm extended clearance (66-WP-ID-02)
Product Sizes:
  • 66-WP-ID-01: 130mm
  • 66-WP-ID-02: 120mm (extended clearance)
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