General Website Questions

How do I search for a specific product?

The fastest and most direct way to seadfasdrch for products other than by name is by the product number. Click "Search" in the top navigation bar, enter the product number and hit enter. The page you will be brought to will list all products under the number you searched.

Why don’t all the products have listed prices?

As long as you are logged in you should be able to view all the research product prices by navigating to the individual product pages. Clinical product prices are not listed on the individual product pages but are listed in the clinical product pricelist.

How do I request replacement parts?

You may call or email the sales department to request replacement parts.

Why do the products have different prices after I login?

For customers outside of the United States prices will be different to account for exchange rates and shipping. The prices on the website default to U.S. prices when not logged in. If your institution is outside of U.S. please login to your account before viewing products so our website can take into account your location and show the appropriate prices.


Product Information

Where can I learn more about microelectrodes?

You can learn more about each microelectrode on each individual microelectrode page by navigating to the technical document section and clicking on the PDF link below This will bring you to a page where you can download a print of that particular microelectrode.

Do any of your products or packaging contain latex?

All of FHC products and packaging are latex-free.

How can I clean and sterilize my research microelectrodes?

For information on cleaning and sterilization of Research Microelectrodes Click Here


Ordering Research Products

Custom Orders

Please contact us to discuss customizing any of our products to meet your requirements.

International Orders

Taxes, as well as duty, broker, and shipping/handling charges may add significantly to costs on deliveries outside the U.S. For quotes/orders, please contact us to get the name of our agent in your country or work with us directly.


FOB Bowdoin, ME U.S.A.; Net 30 days, payable in U.S. dollars or by check drawn on U.S. bank, Visa or Mastercard credit cards, wire transfer

Quantity Discounts

Packaged items -- (PK): 5%, 4-7 pks; 10%, 8-19 pks; 15%, 20 or more pks

Rush Orders

Standard delivery for FHC products, including microelectrodes, is 6 weeks. We will make every effort to ensure that your order arrives in a timely way, and will not charge extra fees for making special trips to after-hours shippers or airports. If you need to receive your order in less than the standard delivery, and the items are not in stock, a 25% rush charge may be added to your order.


A 20% restocking fee may be charged for returned items and a credit issued toward future purchases. Custom microelectrodes cannot be returned to inventory.