FHC Partners with Neurotargeting to Offer New Solution for Epilepsy Treatment

BOWDOIN, ME – FHC, Inc. and Neurotargeting, LLC have released WayPoint™ Navigator 4.5 planning software, now allowing epileptologists, neurosurgeons, and the epilepsy monitoring unit staff to aggregate the wide variety of information collected while a patient with epilepsy progresses from diagnosis through treatment stages.

WayPoint™ Navigator is the only planning software which combines EMU foci localization results and post SEEG CT scans to create a complete 3D visualization of segmented lead, structures and seizure spread. It has been clinically cleared to sell in the United States, the European Union, Australia, Canada, and parts of South America. “FHC and Neurotargeting collaborated to develop and release this new planning software, and we’re proud to hold the exclusive responsibility of selling WayPoint™ Navigator to facilities worldwide,” said Fred Haer, CEO of FHC.

Additional productivity gains can be realized when Navigator is used by the entire neurological and surgical team through all stages of the epilepsy surgical diagnosis and treatment. “WayPoint™ Navigator software suite allows unprecedented collaboration between the epileptologist, the neurosurgeon, and the EMU staff provided on an inexpensive platform,” noted Pierre-Francois D’Haese, CEO of Neurotargeting.

In addition to unique and powerful SEEG monitoring analysis tools, WayPoint™ Navigator includes a suite of enhanced-for-epilepsy functions to be used in surgical planning of both the SEEG and treatment surgeries. These tools eliminate the need for time-consuming, manual trajectory-by-trajectory steps and allow visualization of placed leads and contacts.

Neurotargeting was founded in 2007 and emerged from more than a decade of research performed at Vanderbilt University and supported by NIH funding. Neurotargeting is located in Nashville, TN.

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