Oscillating Tissue Slicer (OTS) 5000

For Research Only – Not For Human Use

The OTS5000 Tissue Slicer sections fresh tissue slices in user-defined travel windows and reduces blade travel time between sections. Slicer head design minimizes vibration that causes tissue distortion. (<20 micron Z movement).

Optional Accessories:

Glass Blade Holder (80-12-1)
OTS Pedestal Surface (85-00-3)

OTS Sapphire Blades (85-00-6)
MRC 5000 (85-20-0)

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Research Application:

User Profession:

Technical Details:
  • Vertical Travel: 28mm
  • Slice Thickness: adjustable from 1 to 999 microns in 1 micron increments
  • Blade Speed: adjustable from 50 – 5000 cycles per minute
  • Blade Angle Adjustment: adjustable from 15 to 35 degrees
  • Blade Travel: 35mm total
  • Blade Types: Sapphire, Razor, Diamond, Glass
  • Blade Advance Speed: continuously adjustable from 0 to 2.5mm per second
  • Blade Reverse Speed: 2.5mm per second
  • Specimen Size: 25(w) x 25(d) x 15(h) mm maximum volume.
  • Magnifier: 4in diameter, X2 lens mounted on 12in (30cm) gooseneck, 9in working distance
  • Lighting: Focused LEDs mounted on the blade arm
  • Weight: 13kg (30lbs)
  • Working space requirements: 12inw x 18ind x 10inh (30 x 45 x 25cm)
  • Power requirements: 85-265VAC, 50-60 Hz, 500mA max universal power input. See Section 2.1.4 for instructions on selecting line cord
  • Display: 3 segment LED display of slice counter and  thickness. (Changes with appropriate buttons.) 20 segment bar graph LED display of blade oscillation and advance speed
  • Specimen Mount: X,Y axis adjustable pedestal: 1 3/4in x 2 1/2in
  • Mounting blocks : 1/2in (3 ea.) and 1in (3 ea.)
Ordering Information:

Product number: 85-00-1


  • OTS Footswitch (85-00-5)
  • OTS Tray (85-00-2)
  • OTS Magnifier (85-00-4)
  • OTS Pedestal (85-00-3)
  • OTS Specimen Vise (85-13-0)
  • OTS Mounting Blocks (2 sizes)  (80-12-2) (80-12-0)
  • Stainless Steel Slicer blade (80-11-6)
  • 1/16 Hex Driver
Product Sizes:
  • Slicer: 27cm x 40cm x 21.5cm (10.5in x 16in x 7.5in)
  • Keypad: 17cm x 8.5cm  x 3.4cm  (6.7in x 3.4in x 1.35in)

OTS5000 Tissue Slicer


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