Directional Lead Positioner

The Directional Lead Positioner replaces FHC’s standard lead holder and depth stop to provide safe and precise orientation control when placing or “steering” deep brain stimulation leads, including those with multiple and directional contacts. Both the Directional Lead Holder and Directional Depth Stop include markings to assist with alignment of the lead contacts.


Features and Benefits
  • Versatile: Accommodates all approved DBS leads
  • Accurate: Provides controlled orientation of the DBS lead contacts at 30° increments
  • Easy to Use: Leverages depth stop to provide external visualization and control of DBS lead orientation
  • Reliable: Uses no complex mechanisms

Catalog Number:

Ordering Information:
70-CN-DL  –  Directional Lead Holder
66-AC-DL  –  Directional Depth Stop

Directional Lead Positioner Sales Sheet


Additionally Required for Operation

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