DC Temperature Controller System

For Research Only – Not For Human Use

The DC Temperature Regulation System is designed to maintain a constant temperature of a subject or liquid without introduction of electrical interference. The proportional DC power supply slowly varies its output to the heating element based on the resistance of the monitoring thermistor.

Compact – Designed for placement as a stand-alone unit on a desktop or mounting in a standard 19-inch instrument rack with our SAF rack frame


  • Accompanied by a Rectal Thermistor Probe that’s small enough to maintain the body temperature of a range of mammals (heating pads are available in sizes suitable for any application)
  • Used with a Liquid Immersion Heating Rod and Liquid Thermistor Insert that heats up to one liter of liquid and maintain a constant temperature to serve as a water bath or warmed perfusate
  • Contains an internal power supply that you can configure for 50Hz or 60Hz
  • Features an analog output provides a voltage related to the measured temperature (100mV/°C) for use with biofeedback recording systems

Consistent – Maintains a constant temperature of a subject or liquid without introducing electrical interference

Easy to read – Features a three-digit LED display on the front panel that indicates the subject or liquid temperature in tenths of a degree Celsius, and a red LED that alerts you to failing thermistors or similar electrically open situations


  • Powered by an internal power supply (country­-specific line cord available for order separately)
  • Ships with a junction box that connects to the module via a 2.5m shielded cable (extension cable available) and accepts the thermistors and heating element connections

Quiet – Eliminates electrical noise and switching transients common in AC-based devices

Sensitive – Slowly varies its output to the heating element according to resistance of the monitoring thermistor

Versatile – Factory-configurable for 2252 Ohm thermistors (5000 Ohm resistance is the default) and modifiable for other heating elements

Optional Accessories:

SAF Rack Frame (55-11-0)

Ordering Information:
  • 40-90-8D – DC Temperature Controller
  • 40-90-5D-02 – Rectal Thermistor Probe
  • 40-90-6 – Liquid Thermistor Insert
  • 40-90-2 – 12.5X25cm Heating Pad
  • 40-90-2-02 – 25X25cm Heating Pad*
  • 40-90-2-05 – 10X12.5cm Heating Pad
  • 40-90-2-07 – 5X12.5cm Heating Pad

*If a 25cm x 25cm heating pad is selected, please order the 40-90-8D-01 DC Temp Controller.

DC Temperature Controller


Temperature Regulation System