New Guideline 5 Software Update


  1. The Guideline 5 software update to version 2.2.0 includes minor enhancements and bug fixes
    including the following:
  2.  Power Spectral Density Reporting
    a. New Tab displaying PSD charts from 1 – 50 Hz based on recorded LFP activity
    b. PSD Charts compatible with both UE (from macro contact) and LF Interfaces
    c. Adjustable PSD Chart Smoothing
    d. Color Coded multi-channel display, selectable channels
    e. Computed averages for multi-segment ring contacts on directional leads
    f. Printed reporting of PSD charts vs. depth
  3. Spectrum Tab Improvements
    a. Cleaner Interface
    b. Ability to adjust all channels simultaneously
    3. Stability Improvements and auto-recovery of interrupted mT Controller communications
  4. Fixed an issue encountered when stimulating at 0 mA directly following the power on
  5. Improved reporting of impedance check results
  6. Various minor enhancements throughout

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