2023 IONM Course Scheduled for September 22nd – 25th

Knowledge + skill through professional development

Many neurological disorders have proven remarkably responsive to Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) and other forms of neuromodulation. An urgent need exists among patients, family members and caregivers for physicians and professionals who are trained in surgical and nonsurgical approaches to care. Worldwide demand is surging for skilled medical management teams capable of efficiently managing pharmaceutical, emergent and second opinions related to DBS care.


Jeremy Bamford completed a Ph.D. in systems neuroscience at the University of Alberta. He subsequently completed a postdoctoral fellowship in neuroprosthetics at Duke University. He has been performing DBS surgeries since 2010. He is the founder of NeuroConsult LLC and an assistant clinical professor in the Department of Neurosurgery at Tulane University School of Medicine. He resides in New Orleans with his fetching wife and 5 unruly children.

For more information visit the Greenville Neuromodulation Website

Day 1
  • Microelectrode Recording Systems
  • Foundations of electricity, action potentials, local field potentials and DBS mechanisms of action
  • Pre-Surgical Workup and Target Selection
  • Characterizations of Recording Sites
  • Sensorimotor Driving
  • Microstimulation
Day 2
  • Intraoperative Recording, Neuroelectrophysiology of the GPi and Vim
  • Intraoperative Cases
Day 3
  • Intraoperative Recording, Neuroelectrophysiology of the STN
  • Intraoperative Cases
  • Case Workshop with GL5 MER system
  • Intraoperative Clinical Rating
Day 4
  • Intraoperative Artifact
  • Macrostimulation, Regional Anatomy and Responses
  • Postoperative Considerations, Outcomes, and Programming