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XY Drive

For Research Only – Not For Human Use

When mounted on a chronic recording chamber, the XY drive allows the horizontal adjustment of the recording track by up to 10 mm in any direction.

Optional Accessories:

Crist Adapter (60-10-0)
Crist Adapter MRI-Compatable (60-20-0)



Research Application:


User Profession:

Technical Details:
  • X adjustment range ±10 mm; Y adjustment range ±10 mm. Resolution 1 mm per revolution.

Required for use: Choose one of the following

Guide Tube Drive (60-00-1)
Guide Tube Drive 45mm Fine Adjustment (60-00-2)

Ordering Information:

Product number: 60-02-0

There are no technical documents for this product.

Bradley Greger, Scott A. Norris and W. Thomas Thach (2004) Spike Firing in the Lateral Cerebellar Cortex Correlated With Movement and Motor Parameters Irrespective of the Effector Limb. J of Neurophysiology 91, 576-582.

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