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STarFix Microtable

The Microtable™ utilizes STarFix™ technology to create a pre-configured patient specific platform on-site, immediately after the surgical plan is submitted. A mobile production facility is scheduled to be on-site the day of surgery so that the Microtable can be delivered to hospital sterilization two hour after it is received.  Each unilateral Microtable is verified using the same time-tested techniques as normal microTargeting™ platforms, allowing the Microtable to achieve the same sub-millimetric accuracy.  Bilateral case can be done using two Microtables.


Features and Benefits
  • Patient-specific single-hub stereotactic device delivered on-site within 2 hours
  • Verified, pre-configured and ready-to-use
  • All STarFix patient comfort and mobility benefits
  • Provides hospital with additional, no-capital, stereotactic option
  • Compatible with WayPoint™ Planner or Navigator Surgical planning system

Not available in all states 

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Ordering Information:
66-MT-D1  –  microTargeting Microtable – Single
66-MT-D2  –  microTargeting Microtables – Sequential*
66-MT-D3  –  microTargeting Microtables – Staged**
*Sequential = two Microtables used during same surgery
**Staged = two Microtables used for two separate surgeries up to 1 week apart

STarFix™ Microtable™ Platform


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