Research Co-Authored by FHC Europe VP Andrei Barborica

Andrei Barborica, VP of FHC Europe and CTO of FHC, Inc., is the senior author on a study accepted for publication in World Neurosurgery. The article, entitled “Clinical Accuracy of Customized Sterotactic Fixtures for Stero-EEG,” was published online in September 2017.

Stereo-EEG is a diagnostic methodology involving 3D exploration of brain structures using depth electrodes for locating the area of the cerebral cortex responsible for causing seizures in patients with drug-resistant epilepsy. Although a variety of frame-based, frameless, and robotic stereotactic systems are already used for the accurate placement of depth electrodes, researchers involved in this study examined the safety and accuracy of a patient-specific stereotactic platform in a clinical setting. 

Using the FHC microTargeting™ platform as a model, researchers introduce a fully customized design that has all the constructive elements positioned by a computer algorithm, according to the planned trajectories, anchoring points, and anatomical constraints. All the constructive elements form a single-body fixture which allows for the efficient implantation of multiple depth electrodes following trajectories having a wide range of orientations.

 Based on the results of the study, researchers concluded that patient-customized platforms are comparable in terms of safety, accuracy and simplicity of use to the existing robotic devices for implantation of depth electrodes in patients undergoing stereo-EEG investigations.

More information on this paper is available at  Learn more about FHC’s microTargeting platform at


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