At FHC, we believe in innovation through collaboration.  For over 40 years, we have been partnering with neuroscience researchers to design, manufacture, and markets products that offer pioneering solutions. 

To meet the demand of our research customers, we now stock over 50 different research microelectrodes.  With FHC’s redesigned In-Stock Research Microelectrode website, researchers can search for microelectrodes based on specific characteristics or intended use.  Microelectrodes are available in a variety of categories, including in-vitro, neurography, acute dura piercing, acute dura removed, chronic restrained and chronic freely moving.  Technical details and pricing are also provided as part of the product description.

Once an online user account has been established, researchers can place an order for in-stock research electrodes via the website.  Once the order is received, FHC will immediately ship up to two boxes of each microelectrode, allowing researchers to begin their work without waiting for the traditional design and manufacturing process.  By ordering microelectrodes through the FHC website, researchers will also be eligible to receive free shipping on their order.

To explore FHC’s selection of in-stock research microelectrodes, visit our In-Stock Research Microelectrode page.