ASSFN 2016 Biennial Meeting takes place June 18-21

The FHC team looks forward to meeting with members of the neurosurgery community at the upcoming ASSFN 2016 Biennial Meeting, being held from June 18-21 in Chicago.

Just prior to the event, FHC is also supporting the pre-meeting course: Functional Neurosurgery Essentials for Residents: Didactics, Simulations, and Hands-on Practicum (Sat., June 18 at 8:00 am).

Visit FHC at exhibit booth #104 to view and learn more about our latest products and technologies. Many products will be available for a hands-on demonstration.

Learn about our new innovations that build on the continuum of FHC's WayPoint™ Stereotactic System incorporating guidance via products such as our Multi-Oblique Epilepsy Platform. We've expanded into patient-specific solutions for epilepsy surgeries, tumor biopsies, and laser ablation procedures, such as:

  • Targeted placement of SEEG depth electrodes using cannula or Ad-Tech anchor bolts.

  • Precise laser ablation in conjunction with the Monteris® NeuroBlate® system for MRI-guided neurosurgical ablations and lesions.

  • Facilitation of Visualase® skull bolt precise attachment for each planned trajectory for tumor ablation or biopsy.

Also at FHC's ASSFN exhibit:

  • The debut of our new microTargeting™ Power Assist System 2.0 (shown, in photo) which enables our STar™ Drive Motor/Encoder to interface with systems for neuromodulation targeting, microelectrode recording, surgical navigation, and data acquisition. A key feature of the latest version is that users may now listen to microelectrode recording while actively advancing an electrode. Stop by and see this firsthand at our exhibit booth.

  • Experience a demonstration of the latest version of our WayPoint™ Navigator software application for preoperative planning (with built-in CT and MR image merge), which uses different surgical approaches as well as intraoperative navigation during stereotactic neurosurgical procedures including deep brain stimulation (DBS) surgery.


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