In order to better serve the needs of neurosurgeons worldwide, FHC has invested in new technology that will enhance the production process our microTargeting™ Platform featuring STarFix™ Technology. FHC’s Greenville, Pennsylvania location recently acquired the EOS Formiga P 110, a laser sintering 3D printer, to help meet a growing demand for the patient-personalized platforms.  

The new machine sinters plastic using a 30-watt CO2 laser, allowing it to manufacture products with a complex internal geometry.  According to Tim Williams, GNS Vice President, the new P 110 machine is able to print platforms 30% faster than the P 100 model already used by FHC.  Both machines will be used in the future to allow platform orders to be processed more efficiently.

FHC’s microTargeting Platform is a patient-customized frameless stereotactic device that transforms functional neurosurgery from a marathon surgical event, which routinely immobilizes an awake patient for up to 12 hours, into an outpatient scanning visit followed by a shorter surgery with the use of the incorporated STarFix technology.  Learn more about our microTargeting Platform by clicking here.