FHC is offering $5,000 off an inital SEEG case for first-time customers with epilepsy support cases

FHC, Inc. will be attending the 70th American Epilepsy Society Annual Meeting from December 2-6, 2016 in Houston, TX at the George R. Brown Convention Center.  Visit us in booth # 827 and view our latest patient-specific solutions and technologies supporting SEEG depth electrode placement, laser ablation and biopsies.

FHC is now offering $5,000 off an initial SEEG case (including onsite support & a single use of our WayPoint Navigator software application) for first-time customers with epilepsy support cases. Participants are invited to stop by the booth to learn more as this is being offered for a limiited time.

Learn about our new innovations that build on the continuum of FHC's WayPoint™ Stereotactic System incorporating guidance via products such as our Multi-Oblique Epilepsy Platform (shown, in photo) and Orthogonal Epilepsy Platform. We've also developed solutions for procedures, such as:

  • Targeted placement of SEEG depth electrodes using cannula or Ad-Tech anchor bolts.
  • Precise laser ablation in conjunction with the Monteris® NeuroBlate® system for MRI-guided neurosurgical ablations and lesions.
  • Facilitation of Visualase® skull bolt precise attachment for each planned trajectory for tumor ablation or biopsy.

ABOUT AES: The largest professional gathering on epilepsy in the world, the AES Annual Meeting features symposia, lectures, scientific exhibitions, as well as poster and platform presentations.  The annual event is attended by more than 5,000 epilepsy professionals from more than 60 countries.  The 2016 AES Annual Meeting is also the 6th Biennial North American Epilepsy Congress.


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