FHC will be attending the American Society for Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery (ASSFN) biennial meeting, taking place June 2nd-5th in Denver, Colorado. 

FHC will be attending the American Society for Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery (ASSFN) biennial meeting, taking place June 2nd-5th in Denver, Colorado.  The meeting emphasizes cutting-edge clinical applications and recent discoveries in the basic neurosciences and the impact they will have on future advances in stereotactic and functional neurosurgery.

FHC will be in Booth #207 of the Exhibit Hall. Representatives will be available to discuss a variety of products, many developed in collaboration with our customers.

Microtable Stereotactic Platform

The Microtable is an alternate implementation of our microTargeting™ Platform, developed in collaboration with Dr. Michael Fitzpatrick, that offers benefits of STarFix technology in a device that is produced on-site immediately after the surgical plan has been created. This scheduled service is currently offered in the south-central US region, with additional markets under development.

Tandem Tube Set

The Tandem Tube Set is a solution, created in collaboration with Dr. Francisco Ponce, that bridges the gap between single and array insertion tube sets. 

Telescoping Tube

The Telescoping Tube is a lead insertion tube that can be used with 30cm leads. The two-part design allows the lower portion of the tube to be retracted so that the lead can be secured. A special stepped stylet assures that the lower tube is properly extended during insertion.

Directional Lead Positioner*

The Directional Lead Positioner provides a mechanically-indexed depth stop with clear rotational markings to facilitate precise orientation of directional DBS leads with minimal modification to existing workflows. The device is designed for use with the FHC STar Drive and Lead Measuring Fixture.
* Product under development - not for sale

3mm Tip-Extension Microelectrode

The 3mm tip-extension microelectrode provides a micro contact that is 3mm from the tip. The proximity of the macro contact to the tip enables “true” LFPs relative to the tip. Further, macrostimulation is closer to the tip, lessening the distance the microelectrode needs to be advanced while macro stimulating.

15mm Array Insertion Tube

These insertion tubes provide an additional 5mm of support. They were designed to be about 15mm from target and are to be used with array configuration of our products. Being closer to the target, these tubes reduce the risk of deflection of the DBS lead.

Multi Tube Set and 5-position Microelectrode Carrier*

The electrode carrier and the tube set were designed in collaboration with Dr. Istvan Takacs to allow the individual placement of up to 5 single insertion tubes in the brain along with a new carrier that can individually secure 1-5 microelectrodes. 
* Product under development - not for sale

Radial Insertion Tubes*

Created in collaboration with Dr. Miles Cunningham, the Radial Insertion Tube (RIT) is comprised of a microcannula that can be extended radially from an exit port at the distal tip of a guide cannula.  The guide cannula can be rotated 360°, allowing the microcannula to reach an array of targets with each guide cannula insertion.
* Product under development - not for sale

STar Drive: Schweitzer Injector*

The STar Drive: Schweitzer Injector is a STar Drive M/E customized to the specifications of Dr. Jeffrey Schweitzer to facilitate the transplantation of a column of cells in the brain. The injection rate is directly linked to the rate of cannula retraction, minimizing therapeutic reflux and enabling the delivery of consistent volumes of cells along the cannula trajectory.
* Product under development - not for sale


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