FHC will be available to meet with medical professionals during the 2017 Functional Neurosurgery Meeting taking place on Friday, August 25th at the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University.  The event is being jointly offered by the Warren Alpert Medical School and the Department of Neurosurgery.

Designed as a CME course for both surgeons and non-surgeons, the goal of this event is to provide a forum for the discussion and evaluation of new approaches for neurological disorders that may be treated using neurosurgical and neuromodulatory techniques and to describe recent experience with existing techniques. The goal is to provide participants with the understanding necessary to convey existing and near-term potential options to patients, and to foster collaborations among attendees to investigate and further develop effective techniques and technologies for the benefit of patients.

The event has been designed to meet the needs of physicians, residents, fellows, researchers, & students specializing in fields such as neurosurgery, neurology, neuroscience, neuro-engineering,
neuro-radiology, and psychology.  Additional information can be found by visiting the Brown University website.