Multiple Approaches, Multiple Adaptations, Multiple Applications

FHC has adapted its patient-customized microTargeting stereotactic platform featuring patented STarFix™ technology, which has been used since 2001, to accurately place over 7,500 DBS leads and to address the needs of the drug-resistant epilepsy market. FHC now provides a full suite of products that provide solutions for diagnosis, using sEEG depth electrodes and tools from major vendors, and treatment using laser ablation or brain-responsive neurostimulation.

A complete overview of our solutions for epilepsy surgery may be downloaded and viewed here: FHC microTargeting Solutions for Epilepsy Surgery


A short time-lapse of an SEEG procedure with 16 trajectories.


“I have used FHC’s frameless stereotaxy for DBS lead implantation for many years, and have been completely satisfied with its accuracy, ease of use and comfort for the patient. The new mT Multi-Oblique Platform now delivers the same surgical planning convenience and procedural efficiency for SEEG electrode implantation and laser ablation.” 

— Dr. Wael Asaad, Rhode Island Hospital

“Among the several stereotactic systems I’ve ever used, I prefer the speed and accuracy of the STarFix Multi/oblique platform for SEEG electrode implantation and laser ablation. 

— Dr. Hong Yu, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

“I frequently use the mT Multi-Oblique Platform for my SEEG cases. By eliminating the need to reposition a stereotactic frame for each electrode implant, the platform has significantly reduced the average duration of these procedures.”

​​​— Dr. Joshua Aronson, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center


FHC Solutions for Epilepsy Surgery