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Axial Array Microelectrode

Catalog Number: AM

The Axial Array combines FHC's etched metal microelectrodes with a state-of-the-art thin film array to allow placement of up to 12 contacts uni-directionally for brain mapping and functional analysis studies, all in a single insertion.

"We began using FHC's Axial Array Microelectrodes in 2010 upon the recommendation of another investigator. We have been extremely pleased with both the electrodes and the service we receive from FHC. We find that the customer service at FHC really makes a difference in guaranteeing that you get the product that best fits your needs. We have now completed several studies using these electrodes and have recommended them to several colleagues."
-Steve Lomber, PhD, University of Western Ontario

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Capillary Tubing

Catalog Number: Capillary Tubing

For fabricating glass intracellular and "clamp" recording micropipettes and microinjection needles. Available in borosilicate, aluminosilicate, and flint glass in a variety of tube diameter and wall thickness configurations many with the unique "Omega Dot" extruded fiber that makes even the finest tips easy to fill.

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Cluster Microelectrodes

Catalog Number: CE

One to five conductor fine wire clusters can be ordered in a variety of platinum or stainless steel wire diameters from 12.5 to 50 microns. Provided in support tubes and with convenient terminations.

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Concentric Bipolar Microelectrodes

Catalog Number: CB

For stimulating spherical/cylindrical tissue volumes, various diameters, tip configurations and materials can be specified. Available in specified lengths with chronic or acute terminations.

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Matrix Microelectrodes

Catalog Number: MX

Recording or stimulating grids with spacing as small as 0.11mm can be fabricated with FHC microelectrodes or micro-wires. Tip offsets can also be specified.

1 x 2 configurations are often used for cortical, cell culture, and tissue slice preparations requiring point to point ("directed") stimulation.

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Metal Microelectrodes

Catalog Number: UE

The most comprehensive source for single and multi-unit recording/microstimulating extracellular electrodes. Etched on micron or less tips are the best way to sample cell activity with minimal tissue trauma.

As the first company to offer specified tip profiles and final tip taper angles as well as selectable impedance values, FHC is in the unique position to offer standard or custom configurations for virtually all research and clinical brain and nerve recording requirements.

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Microelectrode Neurography "Needles"

Catalog Number: UN

Special tip configuration to facilitate recording and stimulating single or multi-unit nerve activity through the skin with minimal pain. Provided with manipulating tab and low mass lead to aid in accurate manual placement and support while in the nerve.

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Catalog Number: Micropipettes

As a service to our customers who use a limited number of micropipettes, we offer pre-pulled micropipettes in a variety of configuration for electrical recording/stimulation or micro-injection experiments. Tip size, profile, and shape options can be specified.

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Parallel Bipolar Microelectrodes

Catalog Number: PB

For stimulating point to point tissue volumes, various macro contact diameters and tip spacing can be specified. Hooked versions also available. Note: for microstimulation, see also 1 x 2 Matrix configurations available which use microelectrode or micro-wires for stimulation contacts.

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