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DC Temperature Controller

Catalog Number: 40-90-8D

The DC Temperature Control System is a feedback based system for monitoring and maintaining subject or bath liquid temperature.

For stimulating spherical/cylindrical tissue volumes, various diameters, tip configurations and materials can be specified. Available in specified lengths with chronic or acute terminations.

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ECM Experiment Control Module

Catalog Number: 55-50-0B

The Experiment Control Module (ECM) provides a hardware solution for coordination of all instrumentation in any stimulus-response setup.  Interfaces with MATLAB and Visual Basic using ActiveX integration.

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ICM Impedance Conditioning Module

Catalog Number: 55-70-0

The ICM Impedance Conditioning Module measures impedance, capacitance, and resistance in a single sweep, which can be used to verify metal microelectrodes, glass micropipettes, and to troubleshoot recording setups.

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IMI-Intracerebral Microinjection Instrument

Catalog Number: IMI

The Intracerebral Microinjection Instrument (IMI) permits precise micro-volumes of therapeutic agent to be stereotactically placed in a three-dimensional volume within the subject’s brain using a single penetration of overlying tissue by a “guide” cannula. The IMI is capable of electrophysiological recording before, during, and after delivery of the therapeutic, permitting exquisite targeting precision.

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MCM Controller Module

Catalog Number: 50-16-1-01

Our 50-16-1-01 MCM Motorized Control Module enables precise, motorized control over probe depth, in either single-channel or multi-channel configurations.  The MCM features:

  • One micron resolution digital readout of probe depth
  • Movement of probe at a continuous rate between 1 and 500 microns/sec
  • Movement of probe in predefined 1, 5, or 10 micron steps
  • Probe depth data acquisition using the serial port interface
  • Quiet probe movement using the hydraulic system
  • Independent control of up to 8 channels
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OTS-5000 Tissue Slicer

Catalog Number: 85-00-1

The OTS5000 Tissue Slicer sections fresh tissue slices in user defined "travel window" and reduces blade travel time between sections. Slicer head design minimizes vibration that causes tissue distortion. (<20 micron Z movement).

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QuickWave Function Generator

Catalog Number: 40-42-1-01

Handheld, USB-powered function generator.  Generates sine, sawtooth, square, and spike waveforms.

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StimPulse Stimulator

Catalog Number: StimPulse

The neuro/Craft™ StimPulse Electrical Stimulation System is comprised of two devices, the PGM Pulse Generator Module and the ESG Electrical Stimulus Generator, that deliver isolated electrical stimulation in a wide range of user-defined timing and pulse parameters.

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