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Guideline 4000 LP+™

Catalog Number: MT-LPP

The microTargeting™ Guideline 4000 LP+™ neuromodulation targeting system features the power of the Guideline 4000™ in a light, portable package. Optimized for clinical use (user-specifiable channel count, streamlined setup, rugged design), the LP+ continues to support high-powered research (fully adjustable digital filters, wideband recording capabilities, straightforward data export and analysis). Featuring the Guideline 4000™ software version 3.0 release, the LP+ offers the most powerful targeting system on the market in a streamlined, affordable package.

  • Up to five recording channels and three more auxiliary inputs permit recording multiple microelectrode and auxiliary biological signals simultaneously - for example, EMG, ECoG, EEG, EKG, and accelerometer.
  • Advanced stimulation features make it easy to stimulate and record simultaneously and to use custom-designed stimulation protocols for neuroscience research and treatment.
  • Fully integrated micro- and macro-stimulation and impedance check modules make it easy to stimulate and check impedance without switching cables.
  • Digital audio equalizer and high-quality Bose® speakers provide exceptionally crisp sound by enabling the user to set the right mix for a clean, familiar audio experience.
  • Open system structure and optional breakout box enable straightforward online or offline data export to NeuroExplorerTM, MATLABTM, or secondary recording/analysis system.
  • Wide-band, independently adjustable digital filters permit recording of low-frequency signals, such as local field potentials, simultaneously with spiking data.
  • Integrated line noise adaptive filter to minimize line noise pick-up for noise-free recordings.
  • Proven durability and reliability.
  • Worldwide technical support, training, and service available 24/7 to guarantee performance, reliability, and assistance when needed.

Contact your FHC sales representative for more information, to arrange a free equipment demonstration, or to arrange onsite case support (neuroCase).

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Guideline 4000™

Catalog Number: MT-GL4K

The Guideline 4000™ Neuromodulation Targeting System was developed with ease of use and integration with the overall surgical procedure in mind, while still providing unprecendented levels of flexibility, control, and access to data for research.

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WayPoint Navigator™ (featuring CranialVault™ Atlas)

Catalog Number: 66-WP-NV

Offering a planning and visualization system for the microTargeting™ Platform, Leksell Frame and Radionics Frame. A simple, straightforward user interface with built-in CT and MR image merge, a portable high-powered planning station, and an optional inclusion of the CranialVault™ Atlas for patient-customized visualization of anatomical structures.

With the addition of CranialVault™ Atlas WayPoint™ Navigator software provides anatomical structures that are merged with the patient's MR scans. Visualization of structures in a patient-specific way allows surgeons more reference points when making targeting decisions. Structures are individually color coded and may be turned on and off independently. The Atlas is available in both the planning and intraoperative modules.

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