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WayPoint™ Stereotactic System

Catalog Number: WSS

Patient-customized frameless stereotactic positioning (STarFix™) provided with our easy to use WayPoint™ planning software.  Flexibly plan outside the OR. Low capital investment. Simultaneous bilateral option.

Click here to view a DBS procedure video featuring the microTargeting™ Platform.

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STar™ Drive Platform Adaptor

Catalog Number: 70-FA-SF

This tray provides all of the tools necessary to utilize the microTargetingTM Platform with the microTargetingTM STarTM Drive.  Also included are tools to assist in the removal of the fidicuals once the surgery has been completed.

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STarFix Platform System for Direct Targeting

Catalog Number: STarFix Platform

The STarFix™ Platform System for Direct Targeting uses the patient-customized STarFix™ Platform for cranial stereotactic placement within the MRI environment. The platform attaches directly to a patient via a bone anchored mounting set, and aligns adapters and an inserter with a selected target. The platform is designed with software to automatically conform to a shape that will align the mounted inserter to reach the predetermined or pre-selected targets with sub-millimeter accuracy. MRI safe insertion tubes allow MRI images to be taken to confirm target location and then may be used to place DBS leads unilaterally or bilaterally.

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