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WayPoint™ Stereotactic System

Catalog Number: WSS

Patient-customized frameless stereotactic positioning (STarFix™) provided with our easy to use WayPoint™ planning software.  Flexibly plan outside the OR. Low capital investment. Simultaneous bilateral option.

Click here to view a DBS procedure video featuring the microTargeting™ Platform.

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STar™ Drive Platform Adaptor

Catalog Number: 70-FA-SF

This tray provides all of the tools necessary to utilize the microTargeting™ Platform with the microTargeting™ STar™ Drive.  Also included are tools to assist in the removal of the fidicuals once the surgery has been completed.

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STarFix Platform System for Direct Targeting

Catalog Number: STarFix Platform

The STarFix™ Platform System for Direct Targeting uses the patient-customized STarFix™ Platform for cranial stereotactic placement within the MRI environment. The platform attaches directly to a patient via a bone anchored mounting set, and aligns adapters and an inserter with a selected target. The platform is designed with software to automatically conform to a shape that will align the mounted inserter to reach the predetermined or pre-selected targets with sub-millimeter accuracy. MRI safe insertion tubes allow MRI images to be taken to confirm target location and then may be used to place DBS leads unilaterally or bilaterally.

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