Clinical Insertion Tubes

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28cm Lead Insertion Tubes

Catalog Number: 66-IT-1028

The microTargeting™ Drive and STar™ Drive Systems are designed to allow positioning of DBS electrodes after microelectrode recording without requiring removal of the drive. With this unique insertion tube it is now possible to accurately guide and place 28 cm leads at confirmed target location without deviation and without interfering with other pieces of hardware, in an array stereotactic frame set-up.




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microTargeting Insertion Tubes

Catalog Number: mT Insertion Tubes

Our insertion tubes are designed to be used with our microTargeting electrodes or any other probes such as stimulation electrodes or lesion electrodes to assure straightness of the tracks over long distances for efficient positioning. Our insertion tubes are provided with their mating stylets and are available in a variety of lengths and diameters. Contact us to arrange a special order or to inquire about sterile configuration, in convenient individual boxes.

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