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microTargeting™ Electrodes

Catalog Number: mT Electrodes

FHC's microTargeting™ electrodes have been designed specifically for use in functional neurosurgical procedures, including placement of Deep Brain Stimulating electrodes, the use of ablative techniques, or whenever intraoperative recording of single unit neuronal activity in the brain is required.

Our microTargeting™ electrodes have been used at most  DBS centers throughout the world. The numerous configurations and customization options make the electrodes compatible with most drive and stereotactic systems.

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D.ZAP Electrodes

Catalog Number: D.ZAP

D.ZAP microelectrodes have activated recording surfaces for improved cell isolation at lower impedances. Additional benefits include their exceptionally stable and durable insulation and distinctly visible recording areas. The D.ZAP finishing option reduces microphonics and is suitable for any microelectrode.

Jaimie Henderson, MD. / Stanford University Medical Center



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SEE Side Exiting Electrode

Catalog Number: SEE

The SEE (Side Exiting Electrode), FHC’s most recent addition to the microTargeting electrode family, combines infinite targeting options into a single electrode configuration—providing flexibility while minimizing penetrations.


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