Collaboration is what drives our innovation. Respect for all business relationships and commitment to our communities are what drive us. We are proud to be a Maine company with a strong national and global sales and support network.

Our Mission:

To collaborate with the neuroscience community in creating and marketing innovative products worldwide.

Our Values:

We are completely committed to customer satisfaction. We work to establish FHC and our trademarks as brands recognized for innovation, quality, and service.

We empower all employees as important team members. We encourage and inspire their personal development.

We strive to develop FHC as a valuable community asset, recognizing that we must operate profitably and efficiently, and husbanding resources. We will be frugal so we can be generous in our community support and provide the highest quality resources to our employees to assure the prosperous future of the company.

We show respect for all business and technical relationships. We do not resort to restrictive practices that limit competition. We build on the contributions of our partners, and recognize that we are privileged and humbled to be able to work with others committed to improving the human condition.