Innovation Center

FHC is founded on the tradition of collaboration with our customers, vendors and even competitors. We are humbled to have worked with many leaders in the field and pleased to help contribute to the advancement of neuroscience research and treatment.

There are many obstacles in developing a prototype, but the largest by far is the allocation of resources – expertise, materials, technology, production, and finances—and the willingness to take a risk.  How many good ideas are lost because there just wasn’t the promise of a large enough return? Many corporations require a “home run” before they will commit any resources.

FHC is different and this philosophy is embodied in the newly minted “Innovation Center” where new ideas from our customers can be explored and developed with minimal design control and process.  Each idea is assigned to an internal Advocate (ICA) with the authority to access necessary technical, engineering, and production resources within the company. We’ve also added new micromachining, laser welding and ablation, rapid prototyping, and circuit miniaturization technologies.  Our approach limits risk and cost, but not creativity! We’ve already done over 40 projects in the last year.

We hope you will contact us if you have an idea to discuss or would consider being one of our technical partners.  We are respectful of the confidentiality of any idea you might bring to us.