FHC Mission & Values

FHC is pleased to have served the neuroscience community for more than 40 years in its mission to advance cranial microTargeting worldwide. With a guiding principle of innovation through collaboration, FHC designs, manufactures and internationally markets leading and trusted products that provide customizable and pioneering solutions for neuroscientists and neurosurgeons as they work across the globe each day. FHC is headquartered in Bowdoin, Maine, 35 miles north of Portland, Maine and operates offices globally. Over 100 FHC employees are each empowered to serve you at your first contact.

 FHC’s neurosurgery products are used in leading functional neurosurgical centers worldwide. They include: D.ZAP™ microelectrodes for optimal neuronal recording during the placement of DBS leads; the STar™ Drive for precise positioning, the WayPoint™ Navigator Planner and the CranialVault™ Atlas for full surgical planning solutions; the patient-customized frameless Platform (STarFix™) for efficient use of the OR suite; and the Guideline 4000™ neuromodulation system for up to 10 channels of MER and Stimulation, powerful data analysis and simplified user interface. (Our new portable Guideline 4000 LP+™ version is also now available!)

 Our neuroscience customers are scientists studying at major universities, medical schools, research hospitals, government research institutions, and private laboratories located at pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and major technology-based companies around the world.

 Research products include a broad line of: single and multi contact metal microelectrodes for extracellular recording; a wide range of micro and macro stimulating electrodes; amplifiers, a new StimPulse programmable stimulator, as well as special purpose instruments for supporting electrophysiological experiments; and micro positioning devices for acute and chronic recording/stimulating preparations.

 FHC has designed and manufactured more than 7,000 unique metal microelectrodes and a broad range of state-of-the-art research and clinical instrumentation. The FHC “Innovation Center” efficiently works with customers to develop new product ideas for possible transition to the marketplace. Please do contact us to learn more about collaborating with FHC.

 All of our products are backed by FHC’s commitment to service, quality and value. The mission of FHC is to collaborate with the neuroscience community to create and market innovative products worldwide. Please ask us how we can support your efforts.

 Come visit us at FHC, Inc. and experience our special Maine lifestyle. Our facility is in the former Bowdoin Central School which has been renovated into a 21,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. We’re always excited to welcome visitors and we’ve got the best lobster rolls moments away.


FHC Core Values

1. We are completely committed to customer satisfaction.  We work to establish FHC and our trademarks as ‘brands’ recognized for innovation, quality and service.

2. We empower all employees as important team members.  We encourage and inspire their personal development.

3. We strive to develop FHC as a valuable community asset recognizing that we must operate profitably and efficiently, husbanding resources.  We will be frugal so we can be generous in our community support and provide the highest quality resources to our employees to assure the prosperous future of the company.

4. We show respect for all business and technical relationships.  We do not resort to restrictive practices to limit competition.  We build on the contributions of our partners, and recognize that we are privileged and humbled to be able to work with others committed to improve the human condition.